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Welcome to this AMAZING!! blog

Welcome to the latest and greatest blog about mascots and how to be a mascot performer. I have been peforming as a mascot for over a decade and have been designing/producing costumes for just as long. When I first started as a performer, there was very little information available for me to learn from. I started this blog to help aspiring and current mascot performers and administrators learn about the art of “mascotting.”

You may be thinking “The ‘art?’ Really? Isn’t it just some idiot jumping around in a fuzzy jumpsuit?” And that’s probably why your mascot currently sucks.

A mascot is a living breathing extension of your brand. It’s the huggable, interactive, high fiving advertisement for your organization. It is important to make sure your performer is well trained, the costume is maintained, and your “mascot marketing” has a solid plan behind it.

This blog will help your mascot grow. Keep checking back to read the latest entries. Until then, please enjoy my highlight reel:

Stay fuzzy my friends. ~ Kelly